Compare Parcel Delivery Services

If you need to send a parcel to a friend, family or a business in the UK or overseas there are now many alternatives to queuing in the post office to send a parcel or package.

There are many benefits of comparing and shopping around to find the best parcel delivery service for your. For example...


Many parcel delivery companies will collect your parcel directly from you either from home or work. You can print off all the documentation needed to send your package from your home printer and never have to leave your house to send your parcel.


By shopping around and comparing prices from different couriers you can 'save a packet' (sorry that was a bad pun!). But its true. Each delivery firm will use different criteria to price up the cost of sending a parcel e.g. size, weight and value. So by comparing prices you can get the best deal for your package. If you send a lot of packages you can often prepay or buy credits to get an even better deal.

Voucher codes

Some delivery services offer voucher codes which can save you even more money. To search for voucher codes you can use the links below:


People are often complaining about losing things in the post. Whist the vast majority or items sent through the Royal Mail are delivered with out any problems there are benefits of using a courier service as often you can get a signature to confirm delivery as well as insurance / compensation if your item is not delivered.

To compare different delivery companies just use the menu on the left to get more information and a quote for your parcel.